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Rijekametali Rijeka
Žegoti 9, 51215 Kastav
Phn. 051/691-193, Fax 051/691-196

Office Zagreb
Kreše Golika 3
Phn. 01/6531-125, Fax 01/6531-126


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About us

Company Rijekametali has been established in 1994 as a full member of reputable group GFE (Gruppo Ferramenta Europa), the largest group in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe within the segment of wholesale and distribution of fittings, profiles, machines and accessories intended for construction of aluminium, PVC and iron constructions.

As absolute „pioneers“ regarding this activity which was just emerging in Croatia, we were the first company to introduce a whole programme of high-quality products of reputable foreign producers (Giesse, Bbc, Bettio, Complastex, Omec, Emmegi, Monticelli, Master, Mep ecc.) at domestic market and under prices identical to those in Italy.

We were also the first company which started with free of charge weekly deliveries of materials directly to our customers and their productions sites.

Thanks to optimisation of operational costs and logistic organisation, as well as better conditions with our foreign partners we have been reducing prices of products year after year, together with constant increase in quality and product range diversity.

In 1997 we opened office with warehouse capacities in Zagreb.

In 1999 we started construction of modern business & warehouse centre (12,000 m2 of land, with a hall of 2.000 m2) near Kastav, which was put in operation in 2000.

In 2000 the organisation and quality of operations of Rijekametali has been confirmed by ISO 9001 Det Norske Veritas certificate, an international standard for quality of business operations

In 2003 we introduced integrated application Jupiter, a business system with management modules (BI, ERP, CRM and MRP)

In 2007 the desire for constant improvement and increase in quality led to stepping out of GFE group and active participation in founding of ICS Group, a flexible group of related companies from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia with a plan for constant expansion, opening of new sales locations and constant expansion of product range.


  • 31 employees
  • 6 sales merchandisers within the whole territory of Croatia
  • 5 sales administrators at the front desk responsible for specialised fields
  • own service team for maintenance of machines for processing of aluminium, PVC and iron.
  • own vehicle fleet for deliveries to the customers

FUTURE (2015-2020)

We believe that the size of a company is not measured by financial results only and that the true values are found in its people and their ability to plan the future through constant changes.
Therefore, we in Rijekametali consider defining of a new relationship with the Customer as a natural encounter of two individuals who actively participate in the realisation of common goals and views, instead of standing at opposite sides.

We wish to offer our experience and abilities to our partners who are distinguished by creativity, wish for constant improvements, creating of values, while respecting ethical principles.